Darley Swim Club

Spring Cleanup

We strive to keep our Dues and Maintenance fees some of the most reasonable rates in the area. To do so, each year we ask our returning members to help get the Pool and grounds ready. Those that help can defray their maintenance fee.

We will be open from noon - 5PM every Saturday and Sunday in April (except Easter Sunday!) for cleanups. Please plan to swing by and lend a hand.

Typical clean up tasks involve raking leaves, cutting grass, removal of small trees/branches, clearing the driveway etc. – basically getting the grounds picked up. If you can help, please bring your own tools and equipment (rakes, shovels, brooms) as the club has only a small supply on hand. Help is also needed with prepping and painting the pools. Prepping the pool involves scraping paint, cleaning the pool walls, and then painting the pool. A fairly easy task when we have enough help.

Painting the pool is very weather dependent and is best done either very early in the morning or late afternoon/early evening. If you are able to help paint, please call a Board Member and we will let you know what nights we will be painting. Work usually commences around 6:00pm during the evenings for a couple of hours.

When you send in your dues, please note on the statement the date you participated in the clean up (sign in sheets will be at the pool on clean-up days and pool painting nights). If you were unable to help please include the $100 maintenance fee. Please call any Board Member if you have any questions.

The maintenance fee ($100 Bond and Non-Bond holders) will be charged to your dues if you are unavailable or can’t help. This fee is low compared to other area pools, and some pools require a minimum of 8 hours of participation in addition to a maintenance fee.