Darley Swim Club


Folks, never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we’d be writing this letter, but due to the delays and restrictions required to accommodate the COVID-19 outbreak our membership has been reduced to a level well below where we can financially open this year.

This is heartbreaking, as Darley Swim Club has provided 64 years of family fun, and until the COVID outbreak this was shaping up to be an excellent season. Of those who did sign up this year, we really appreciated your kind words, offers to help clean up, and hopes to open this season. The Club Officers have worked hard to try to make the numbers work, but the number of members that signed up was well below the number needed or expected.

The Club will gladly accept any donations, as the club continues to have fixed expenses (taxes, utilities, insurance). Feel free to contact us at Darleyswimclub@gmail.com.

We will now start planning for what we hope will be an excellent COVID-free 2021 season.

Stay Safe & See you in 2021!

Darley Swim Club Board